You Really Moved the Needle - But Let's Keep It Going!

You pushed the needle on research! We reached our goal of 2390 and doubled our $100/person donation, by adding 125 names to the DS-Connect® registry.

But the donation amount still increases even after we hit our goal. Instead of $100/person, now LuMind will receive $200/registrant during the month of October. So please consider signing up if you haven't already. Keep watch on the DS-Connect® website to track the real-time gauge.


 Learn more about the challenge or visit the registry directly by going to DS-Connect®.

 Goal: 2390 registrants to double the donation

Have: 2478 (Oct. 29) 

Need: WE MET OUR GOAL! But we still get a donation for every person who registers, so join up if you haven't already. 

The Needle on Research is Moving - Thanks to You!

The LuMind Foundation founders are committed to opening doors for people with Down syndrome. They established the LuMind Foundation in 2004 to identify and fund the most promising lines of cognitive development research. 

But PhD’s are only part of the research equation. Time in the laboratory is only part of developing effective and safe therapies to improve speech, memory and learning. Breakthroughs can’t happen without the support of the Down syndrome community. One way to connect research with the community is through DS-Connect®.

To celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month, our co-founders have offered a challenge. For every person who registers with DS-Connect® during the month of October, they will donate $100 to LuMind Foundation. They've also offered an additional challenge if more than 125 join!

Learn more.


Your Donations at Work: The 2014-2015 LuMind Research Grants are Announced

We've worked together all year for this moment! The Research grants are here!

Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who made advances in Down syndrome research a reality. Thank you to the members of our Scientific Advisory Board for reviewing all the proposals and making those tough decisions. 

Read more about the areas of research and the wonderful opportunities the programs hold for people of all ages with Down syndrome. Learn more by visiting our Research hub, reading the full press release, or browse a graphic outlining how the results from our funded researchers are flowing through the research pipeline. Great progress - all thanks to you!

About Our New Name


In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we're lighting up the future with a new name, and exciting progress.

Read More About Our New Name


Read Our Press Release


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November 1, 2014

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November 2, 2014

Research 101: Cognition Research Update - Presentation, Researcher Q&A and Lab Tour

Join the Silicon Valley Down Syndrome Network, LuMind Foundation and the Down Syndrome Research Center at Stanford  on Sunday November 2, 2014 from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm at Stanford University, Herrin Hall, Room T175 (Biology Department). More information and to RSVP.


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